VSAT Telecommunications and Next-Gen IoT

Using Low Earth Orbit satellites (LEO), ABS’s own VSAT Telecommunications infrastructure provides uninterrupted connectivity, backup telecommunications, and live data for Critical, Rural, and Remote locations (e.g ATM banking, Maritime use, Remote construction sites).

Building on this infrastructure this, our next-gen, customized IoT products communicate directly with LEO satellites in tandem with terrestrial networks to provide live feedback and on-the-spot actionable insights for Agriculture, Energy and Utilities, Transport and Logistics, Environmental, and Maritime use-cases among others.

And to support on-the-move customer requirements, our flatbed antenna portfolio ensures have the best connectivity anywhere, anytime.

VSAT services

With our VSAT services, we’re empowering organizations and individuals to unlock new heights of success. Our advanced satellite technology facilitates seamless communication between multiple parties – paving the way for amazing possibilities that can truly revolutionize lives!

Satellite for Wireless & Fiber Connectivity, Remote areas, Rural Areas & Towns

ABS’s satellite solutions are a powerful solution for companies looking to expand their business capabilities. These revolutionary, wireless and wired internet connections can be used as backhaul infrastructure or the primary source of connectivity, enabling you to access reliable high-speed web across your operations regardless of location.


Teleport Facility Services

ABS provides a vital technological backbone for satellite connectivity – ensuring businesses can access the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies without worrying about resource investment. Our wide range of teleport facilities make this possible.

VSAT Services Benefits

  • Business Continuity & Redundancy

When primary or secondary connectivity fails, ABS satellite solutions provide constant connectivity, zero downtime and service interruptions.

  • Remote Connectivity & Support

Satellite solutions serve as one of the best technologies on the market for remote connectivity and support scenarios, utilize ABS’s next-gen satellite services to ensure connectivity and support levels.

  • Disaster Relief and Emergency Response

Modern organizations require complex solutions and advanced disaster relief safeguards, ABS makes protecting your organization and delivering emergency response streamlined and simple.

Partnering with Wyld, ABS is revolutionizing the Internet-of-Things through their state-of-the art VSAT services and Low Earth Orbit satellite infrastructure. Our IoT solutions make it possible to measure real time data on a remarkable scale, without sacrificing power or cost efficiency!

Wyld Mesh

Innovative mobile mesh technology combines cloud-streaming, device-to-device mesh connectivity, and rich geolocation services to deliver mobile notifications and content quickly, relevantly, and reliably.

Wyld Connect

Low power sensor to satellite LoRaWAN connectivity for the Internet of Things, using a new sensor-to-satellite module suite with LoRaWAN® allowing IoT sensors to communicate directly from sensor to satellite. Wyld’s sensors and devices and embedded technology can communicate with the cloud, no matter the location.

Wyld Design

Concentrate on your specialist areas of expertise and let our team of talented engineers help create your IoT device for you. With a wealth of experience in product, software and electronics design we can assist you through any – or all – parts of the design and development process, bringing your ideas to life.

Partnering with Kymeta, ABS provides industry leading, easily mountable, electronically steered antennas provide satellite and cellular connectivity where and when you need it.

Hawk u8

The Kymeta “Hawk u8” is a complete connectivity solution ready to provide on-the-go communications when and where you need it. This terminal is based on Kymeta’s industry leading, electronically steered antenna and mounts easily on vehicles and vessels to provide seamless satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular connectivity.

Goshawk u8

The Kymeta “Goshawk u8” is a complete connectivity solution ready to provide on-the-go highly secure communications when and where you need it. The embedded satellite modem supports TRANSEC services.

U8 Accessories

GO Kit

Includes Hardshell transportable case compatible with the Hawk u8 and Goshawk u8, AC-to-DC universal power kit, and Vehicle mount

Vehicle Mount Kit

Includes Mounting rails, Hardware to secure the rails to the terminal or ODU, Clamps/hardware to secure the rails to the vehicle roof rack, and Padlock

Universal Adapter Plate

Includes Mounting plate, Stand-off posts, and Fasteners

Vehicle Power Kit

Includes 25’ power cable, 16’ ground wire, 20’ ACC wire, Ring terminals, 100 A circuit breaker and 5 A fuse with fuse holder, Abrasion resistant wire shielding

AC-to-DC power supply

24 VDC/600 W output