Satellite Imaging and Analytics

We partnered with the top companies in the field of satellite design, manufacturing, and deployment, to provide the most accurate and clear satellite image in the world using state of the art satellite constellations and expert analysts.
Satellite imaging can be used to map geographic areas, create topographic and traffic data, 3D building footprints, monitor location and time sensitive logistical challenges, and GIS ready datasets, and many more.

Our portfolio harnesses the latest innovations from Maxar and our partners to give our customers the highest quality Satellite imaging services.

Satellite Access

Direct collection requests and access to the world’s most advanced commercial imaging satellite constellation

Monitor changing ground conditions with the world’s most advanced commercial imaging satellite constellation. Maxar provides a variety of access options so defense, intelligence and commercial customers can meet their mission requirements and collection timeframes.

Geospatial Foundation

Highest quality satellite imagery, basemaps and 3D data over any location on Earth​

Satellite imagery is a critical tool for visualizing ground conditions. Whether you need a foundational map for an app or a comprehensive dataset for business intelligence, Maxar offers both fresh high-resolution imagery and the world’s largest archive for historical analysis.

Precision Mapping

GIS-ready datasets ​for expedited analysis

The valuable and actionable information derived from satellite imagery can provide much-needed context at scale. our mapping data products are useful for applications that go beyond pixels, like wireless network planning, emergency response and energy operations.

On-Demand Intelligence

 Industry-leading technology, data and expertise to solve the most complex geospatial challenges

Use cases


Keep pace with change by choosing a reliable source for accurate, current and global geospatial data.


Maps are foundational tools that help first responders identify viable routes, analysts predict conflict, consumers navigate rapidly changing cities and more.


Collection and access to exponential amounts of geospatial data have governments, commercial and global development organizations struggling to extract and apply meaningful insights. But Maxar analytics can help.

Building on our partnership with MAXAR, we partnered with Geoconsult International to provide high quality Satellite imagery and analytics


Spatial Data Integration (SDI)

Access spatial and non-spatial data sets, and allows clients in different fields to locate and employ data residing in different data sets and formats.

Ground Survey & Geodetic Engineering

Carry out ground surveys using the latest GPS and associated precision technologies.

3D Modeling

Help visualize the urban space in three dimensions and comprises a diversity of applications mostly in geography and urban studies.

Image Processing – Orthoimage

High quality orthoimages and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) through Satellite Imagery.

Topographic Mapping

Topographic data produced through the use of different survey techniques, such as photogrammetry, satellite imagery and land survey